How do you measure your success?  The answer is not dependent on your income or educational background.  Your success is measured by the way you treat others — employees, co-workers, clients. Do you appreciate their work? Do you say “Thank you” often? For most people, this is a big challenge. These are the same people that make you look good in front of your boss or your clients. They are the ones that make sure the work is done. These are the very people who pack your parachute.  Ever wonder why things are not done or why deadlines are not met?  If you want to see the work done — faster and better — start appreciating people and you will instantly see the difference. The following true story will illustrate the point better. In the Vietnam war, a navy fighter pilot by the name of Charles Plum flew 75 successful missions in the enemy territory. But on his 76th flight, he was shot down by an anti-air missile. At just the right time, he ejected from the crashing plane and survived, only to be caught by the enemy. He became a prisoner of war in the communist Vietnam for 6 years.  After his release, he returned back to the U.S., got married and settled down.  After a few years, while having dinner with his wife, he was approached by a man who knew every detail of the incident. Surprised as to how this stranger knew every detail, Charles asked him how he knew about his ordeal. The stranger replied “I was the sailor who packed your parachute.”  His eyes wide opened, got up, gave him a big hug and thanked him for packing his parachute. Back then, how many times did Charles pass by this sailor without acknowledging him? So who packs your parachute? TPJMVNGDPTR8

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