Regardless of how successful you are in your production, you cannot show a profit if you cannot collect them. Reduce cost and increase revenues by allowing us to do your billing. Emphasizing quality and efficiency, we will work with you to process your claims and follow-up until your claims are paid. We accomplish this by working closely with your practice personnel as an extension of your office.

We provide end-to-end solutions, from patient access and registration to insurance follow-up and self-pay collections, as well as payer contracting coding improvement. We will help you to enhance your collectibles, increase your revenue realization, and accelerate cash flow.

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If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, it might be time to call for help:

  • Claims not being paid in a timely manner?
  • Not being paid according to your contract?
  • Claims being denied after obtaining prior authorization or verifying eligibility?
  • Receiving unreasonable requests for medical records or untimely requests for refunds?
  • Having difficulty obtaining fee schedules and/or payment rules?
  • Claims denied for timely filing?
  • Are the terms of your managed care contracts consistent with California law?
  • After doing everything to resolve an issue with a payer, including appealing, you are still unsuccessful in getting the payer to resolve the issue?

Our knowledgeable team will identify the problems and fight for you against any unfair payment practices.