Facebook still leads the pack in the U.S. social networking market according to comScore, an internet marketing research company. November 2011 – Snapshot of the U.S. Social Networking Market (excludes activity on mobile phones and tablets) Although listed as the last social network on the above graph, Pinterest deserves a special attention.  The site, which had 418,000 unique users in May 2011, has surged over the past 6 months to nearly 4.9 million visitors.  More significantly, Pinterest is exceptionally sticky and keeps its users engaged for long periods of time.  In November 2011, the average visitor spent nearly 1.5 hour on the site over the course of the month and more than 15 minutes per visit. This ranked Pinterest as the third on consumer engagement. Pinterest could be huge for healthcare.  Examples of pictures that would work for your practice would include images of people exercising, healthy diets, healthy recipes, health events, prevention campaigns, effect of smoking, before and after smiles, and many more possibilities. Still Pinterest remains an invite only network.  But you could get started by sending me at email at info@PractiCons.com.

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