Dedicated check-in kiosk or tablets allow patients to digitally check in for their appointments when they arrive for their appointments. This process is best suited for practices:

  • With decentralized registration,
  • With poor co-pay or time of service collections
  • Struggling with performance of registration staff
  • Having high staff turnover

The process includes:

  • Collection & verification of standard registration fields
  • Collection of copayments & outstanding balances

Digital check-ins help practices:

  • Reduce the intake documentation burden on the check-in
  • Provide a consistent approach to collect co-pays or outstanding balances — all patients will have the same initial experience
  • Make fewer uncomfortable conversations about patient obligations
  • Improve waiting room flow
  • Prioritize staff time on more complicated situations — focus on large balances or payment plan set up

4  companies that provide digital check-in capabilities are:

  • Phreesia
  • Epion
  • HealthGrid
  • SNAP Practice

In summary, digital check-in could be an asset to a practice; however, it may not fully replace other efforts such as educating patients about their obligations and work with patients large balances.

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