CAQH stands for “Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare”. It is essentially an online database that stores provider information. Providers grant access to their information to insurance companies. This makes acquiring provider information more efficient. Instead of calling your office for your work history or a copy of your medical license, insurance companies can go in and pull it directly from your file. 90% of the National Health Insurance Companies use CAQH and it is a prerequisite for their enrollment process.

There are three steps to getting set up in CAQH which are outlined below. Not having a completed CAQH application will delay your enrollment with the insurance companies. Furthermore, this will prevent you from getting reimbursed for your services.

CAQH Credentialing process:

  • Obtain your CAQH ID (within 2-3 business days)
  • Set up your secure username and password
  • Complete the online application and send in required documentation
  • Send your attestation for signature which certifies the application
  • Grant insurance companies access to your online application
  • You are now ready to start the credentialing/contracting process with the insurers