You can hire us to do any SINGLE application at a reasonable cost OR select from one of the credentialing PACKAGES that suits your current needs:

New Credentialing Package

Are you…

Leaving an existing practice to start your own practice? Finishing your training and looking to start a practice or join an existing practice? Staying with your current employer while you set up your own practice? Start your new practice clean and compliant so that you are paid for your services rather than having a stack of denied claims for services performed. We identify any payers your practice should consider so you can see their members and be paid. We obtain and complete all credentialing applications to third party payers. You just review the agreements for each insurer and sign the paperwork! Once the information and documents are returned to us, we submit and track the documents through completion with our custom tracking system. You receive your billing numbers and proceed with submission of claims for your services.

Existing Credentialing Package

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Tired of writing off unpaid claims because of credentialing issues? Are you aware of how many claims are being written off? Seeing patients, providing stellar care and then receiving payments at the “non-par” rate because the physician and/or location is not credentialed correctly? Receiving payments that are below your costs because the insurer rates are too low? Simply put, we work with you to increase your payment base. You give us your list of participating insurers (including all provider numbers) and we validate the information, identify and correct any problems. We complete all forms for you, track whatever applications need to be tracked, keep you credentialed through all the recredentialing, directory updates, etc. In addition, CAQH is done for you every quarter – we even remind you when license. DEA, CDS and insurance are expiring (we will help with them, too).

Expanding Credentialing Package

Are You…

Adding new physician(s) to your practice? Adding new service locations? Changing tax identification numbers? In today’s health care world, physician practices are expanding and are confronted with credentialing nightmares. When it comes to the issues expanding medical practices face concerning state licensing, credentialing and recredentialing with insurers and third party payers – we are your experts dedicated to keeping your practice credentialed. The best medical billing company and system in the world will not get your claims paid unless these complex credentialing issues are addressed completely and correctly.

In addition, CAQH is done for you every quarter – we even remind you when license. DEA, CDS and insurance are expiring (we’ll help with them, too).