We will assist clients in resolving a wide-range of challenges facing medical practices today.

Our services are tailored to the individual client. We offer recommendations to permit medical practices to achieve “best practice” performance.

Remember that you can’t manage what you don’t measure!

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Business to Business (B2B)

Similar to you, we too run a business. We know the importance of having confidence and trust in the management company you choose. Our training in the business of healthcare along with over 22 years of experience puts us in a vantage position to provide you with the best services. We provide healthcare services across a wide spectrum for:

  • Primary care practice and specialists
  • Solo practice and multi-specialty groups
  • single facility or multiple location group practices
  • Fee-for-service and  managed care practices

In addition, we are result oriented. We focus on the outcome of the services we provide tailored to your specific needs and thereby, do not use a generic, cookie- cutter approach.

  • We Listen. We take the time to listen carefully to you, your goals and objectives, your concerns and frustrations, your dreams and aspirations.
  • Recommendations: We customize our recommendations based on your vision and where you want to take your practice.
  • Action Plan: Our plan of action fully considers the socio-economics of your patients, the geographical location of your practice, the dynamics and skill set of your team, and your temperament type.
  • Reports: We customize our reports for your practice. We address the issues, concerns, and opportunities that present in your practice. But we do not stop there.
  • Feedback: We will always be available to answer questions such as, “Where do we begin?” and “How do we do that?” Our continual follow up and on-going support reinforces your practice goals and enable you to closely monitor the progress of the implementation process. This ensures the recommendations are applied correctly, the desired results are achieved, and, most importantly, you are measuring your success along the way.

So, our main goal for you is to ensure the financial viability of your practice and thereby, secure you the financial rewards you’ve earned. We can help you:

  • Focus on patient care
  • Take time away from the office you desire
  • Achieve control over your practice
  • Attain your goals and vision daily

And that is why we are the trusted and proven leader in practice management today and will continue to be well into the future.

Depending on the reason you retain us, some of the consulting services we provide include:

  • Strategic Action Plan to improve your practice bottom line. This is a collaboration with your accountable employees
  • Practice Vision developed in partnership with your team
  • Meeting Agenda customized with your practice goals in mind
  • Training Manuals customized and implemented for your needs
  • Telephone Evaluations – An experienced professional mystery patient will call your office for the purpose of evaluating the new patient experience, phone etiquette, hold times, sales ability, customer service and ease of scheduling first available appointments. You will receive a written report and a recording of the calls within 48 to 72 hours of the call. Three telephone calls are made over a two-week period during different days and time of day to provide a more overall assessment.
  • Demographic Community Overview Report consisting of 8 zip codes including:
    • Competition analysis
    • Demographics – population, projected population, median age, median income, income by percentage, households, age by percentage, per capita income, etc.
    • Job Descriptions which include  areas of accountability and performance measurements
    • Leadership Coaching post-consult support telephone calls (3) to enhance Doctor’s strengths as a leader and to lead the team through the implementation phase.
    • Team Training, Support and Follow up.

Benefits of our Consulting Program

  • We come to you. Our analysis and implementation training are performed in your office or remotely.
  • Our Typical clients average an increase in revenues of 25-35% within 60-90 days.
  • We offer affordable monthly payments.
  • There is no loss of production during the analysis process.
  • The recommended Action Plan is customized to meet your objectives and achieve your vision.