Successful businesses do it all the time. They promote their business with positive ads and with lots of gusto. Similar to this technique and with positive thinking, an individual can also attain success. Image via Wikipedia First, you have to train yourself to start thinking big. Success comes from managed thinking, according to David J. Schwartz , PhD, the author of “The Magic of Thinking Big”. To be successful, Mr. Schwartz suggests to use a positive self-promoting script that you can recite daily — similar to the positive ads of the successful businesses. It has also been said that no one accomplishes more than what he/she can visualize.  So, visualize big! Practice the following 60-second script couple times a day, forcefully, and with determination (fill in the blanks with your name):

Meet _________, a man with a plan.  _________ thinks big.  He believes big.  His ideas are first class and he won’t settle for anything less.  From the clothes he wears, to the way he cares. _________ is #1.  _________ means drive, enthusiasm, progress.  _________ is on top and he is headed even higher.  He is headed for success and nothing can stand in his way.  Being the best doesn’t come easy.  So,  _________works hard.  The road to success takes many turns.  But _________ does not stop. _________believes in his goals, in his future,  and in himself.  Meet _________ — the best and getting better.

Practice it daily and you will see a different (better) person in you.  The script will only take a few minutes of your time. Good Luck!

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