Kevin O’Leary is known as “Mr. Wonderful”. He is one of the investors on the “Shark Tank” (ABC) where entrepreneurs present their business proposals to five multi-millionaire tycoons in hopes of receiving the investment needed to make their ideas a reality. According to O’Leary the hardest business job in the world is sales. “Every business has sales. If you have no sales you have no business,” he explained. His 5 top techniques to making a sale below:

1. Walk the Walk.

Know who you are selling to and what you are selling. This can only be done if you are all-in, 24-7.

2. Feel the Love.

Be passionate about your product or service. You have to love what you are selling and it should show to the buyer.

3. The Perfect Pitch.

“Don’t dribble on. Capture your audience immediately. Communicate your vision for why the product or service belongs to them. That’s the perfect pitch,” O’Leary said. This point alone has been the constant factor in companies that were able to gain an investor on the Shark Tank. “In every case, that person was able to articulate the opportunity in 90 seconds or less,” O’Leary said. Do you have an “Elevator Pitch” for your product or service? You can listen to our pitch at “What We Do”

4. Be Kind, Not Nice.

“I don’t trust nice people … I don’t believe that someone can be nice all the time,” O’Leary said. “Every product has its merits and its downsides. Don’t lie about a product … as if there’s no problems at all. Create that bond of trust. That’s paramount.” To this point, I would say, don’t start off with the negative, but do give the potential buyer all the angles and options.

5. Be Sticky, Not Gummy.

The old cliche “Timing is everything” is still true. “Salespeople should know when to stop talking,” he explained. As soon as you understand that they’re not the right fit, don’t waste your time. Let it go and cut them loose. This technique will save everybody’s time and may even get you to the right person sooner. All 5 techniques are important, but the last point, “Be Sticky, Not Gummy”, will save the most time.

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