Dan Miller, the author of “48 Days to the Work You Love“, categorizes the human personality into 4 common traits. He categorizes these traits with an analogy to some familiar animals as follows:

A. Dominance (Driver) – Lion,Eagle

Takes charge, likes power and authority, confident, very direct, bold, determined, competitive.

B. Influencing (Expressive) – Otter,Peacock

Good talkers, outgoing, fun loving, impulsive, creative, energetic, optimistic, variety seeking, promoter.

C. Steadiness (Amiable) – Golden Retriever,Dove

Loyal, good listener, calm, enjoys routine, sympathetic, patient, understanding, reliable, avoids conflict.

D. Compliance (Analytical) – Beaver,Owl

Loves detail, very logical, diplomatic, factual, deliberate, controlled, inquisitive, predictable, resistant to change. Which of the above characteristics best describes you? If you are having a hard time determining your trait, ask others to help you see yourself through their eyes. Remember to recognize that you are unique; there is no merit in being like everyone else.

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