Featured, Social Media Marketing 10 Reasons to Embrace Social Media Aside 07/01/2011

At PractiCons, we always are on the lookout for strategies to help heatlhcare practices to grow their business.  The following are the top 10 reasons, in no particular order, that we think physicians should embrace at least a professional relationship with social media:

  • Customize and streamline the way you receive information according to your needs and interests. Ways to avoid becoming overwhelmed include searching Twitter by hashtag, ‘liking’ pertinent organizations on Facebook and joining common-interest groups on LinkedIn.
  • Using LinkedIn, you can build a portable, always-current resume and contact list without rousing suspicion.
  • You can build and reinforce relationships with other  organizations or individuals by sharing (‘liking’, recommending or re-tweeting) content of theirs you find valuable.
  • Establish yourself as an authority in your field.
  • Bounce ideas or questions off of your peers without the risk of having to actually hear them laugh at you.
  • Obtain free advice from qualified experts. But you need to gauge their credibility based on the number and reputations of others in cyberspace who support them (see #3).
  • Effectively market yourself without visiting the post office (USPS is downsizing anyways). But if you end up in a line at the post office, you can check in your social media network to help you pass the time.
  • Your patients will consider you as “cutting edge” and measure you accordingly.
  • If you feel under pressure, you can fritter away time on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn until your adrenal system recognizes peak deadline-pressure conditions.
  • You can have hands-on on how social media affects your business although we would be glad to team-up with you and help you achieve a professional and successful marketing.
  • And if you are already among the thousands of healthcare professionals reaping all of these benefits and more, we are pleased to announce that you now have one more place in which to realize them: PractiCons’ website. We invite you to join us to take part in discussions that are trending, learn from others and share your passion and knowledge.

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