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PractiCons is a medical practice management and consulting firm specializing in problem solving and problem prevention for mainstream medical practices. Providers of health care are under growing pressure from insurance companies, managed care organizations, and the government. Consequently, health care providers throughout the nation are redesigning structures and processes in order to remain economically viable and gain market share. Read More

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Our Testimonials

  • Razmik’s professional knowledge and organizational skills have proven outstanding.  I am impressed by his diligence, multitasking abilities and thoroughness in follow-through on issues. His communication and enthusiasm brought my employees together and always challenges to have pleasant working environment.  I highly recommend him and his excellent professionalism.

    - Joon Choi, MD

    Thank you for your comprehensive marketing strategy. You have helped us steadily increase our new patient volume.

    - ProDent Care (Dental Practice)

  • PractiCons has been an integral part of our practice development. They help us run a smooth & efficient office.

    - Vivendi Medical Group

    Razmik was an integral part of our management team for a multi-specialty neurology group during our development and growth. He has excellent leadership and organization skills in combination with exceptional knowledge of healthcare management in various areas including finance, billing, practice management,  HR as well as others.  Our doctors and staff truly enjoyed working with him.

    - Yafa Minazad, DO

  • PractiCons is the go to company for anything related to the business of health care.

    - Pierre Zarokian, CEO, Submit Express

Latest News

The IRS Section 179 Extended

The IRS Section 179 tax deduction is designed to encourage business owners to invest in equipment or technology and can result in significant savings for your practice. And now, the deduction has been extended permanently, until further notice, allowing you to deduct up to $500,000 in qualifying expenses annually during the first year of ownership. Read more

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How to Handle Patient Request for Medical Records

A patient has a legal right to access his or her health record under HIPAA and state law. An oral, handwritten, faxed or emailed request from the patient or patient representative should be honored. Time Allowed to Complete Request The California timeline is shorter than the HIPAA timeline, so all practices must comply with the Read more

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Independent Contractors: Are You Classifying Exempt Employees Correctly?

A true independent contractor is a person who works independently of the owner, has a contract with the practice to perform special services and makes their own schedule. Practice owners should approach such work arrangements with caution. Most employee attorneys advise that employers should err on the side of caution and classify workers as employees. Read more

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Exempt vs Nonexempt Employee

Employee classification is an important and complex piece of being a business owner, and that applies to doctors who own a practice. By a general principle, exempt employees possess management and decision-making responsibilities as a majority of their essential job functions (51%). Unless an employee clearly meets the job duties of an exempt position, it’s Read more

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How to Achieve Success through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?

STEP 1 – Assess your Current Situation Look for opportunities to analyze your progress. By tracking and comparing key performance indicators, or KPIs, you can identify and address issues with productivity, reimbursement, claims submission, and other processes. Days to final bill—number of days from the time of service until provider generates and submits a claim Read more

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Digital Check-ins – Is it right for you?

Dedicated check-in kiosk or tablets allow patients to digitally check in for their appointments when they arrive for their appointments. This process is best suited for practices: With decentralized registration, With poor co-pay or time of service collections Struggling with performance of registration staff Having high staff turnover The process includes: Collection & verification of Read more

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